Day One.

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So it’s time to get back to this. 9 month bet and I will be victorious. School/work/gym/rugby/studio time will be the only things I know for the next 2 years
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tell me something u dig about me on anon

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i wanna…fuck…to.persian rugs…..

Lol wait. Do men really like women squirting that much?






There’s no way I can increase the font on this,

just know I am saying:


in like, size 196 pt font.


out of curiosity, can you explain why? i mean, what’s the appeal? is it the visual manifestation of pleasure?

You know 85% of guys. We’re visual. Goal oriented to a fault. Squirting looks like we hit it so hard/good (because most guys correlate the two) broke you. Like we hit the jackpot. Like we did the ultimate thing.

For a guy who actually appreciates the female orgasm, who lives and dies by it in the bedroom, for a guy who wants nothing more than to be a servant to his woman when he’s in a relationship, for a guy who’s primary objective when we have sex is to surgically, systematically remove your soul out of your body and relieve you of any pressure, stress and everyday frustration…for a guy who wants to look you in your eyes as you roll them back in your head, arch your back and shake until your tense muscles ache and you become lightheaded from hyperventilating and cumming all night…for a guy who likes to lick his lips, surrounding area and fingers clean when he’s done, for guys like me…squirting is a prerequisite to good love. Feel me? ^_^





Shit is amazing. Leaving my bed wet, knowing that I can make you feel good that when you climax while you squirt turns me on. It gets me off knowing that I can please your body and take you to a place that only I can take you. Lord.

I need a haircut baaaad
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It’s acceptable to go down on your girl and eat her ass just because right?


Seduce me with your music references

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